Total Insulation has provided Commercial and Industrial, thermal and acoustic, insulation systems for a wide variety of projects including universities, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, large shopping centres, industrial constructions, data centres, sporting complexes, and high rise commercial buildings.

We supply and install a range of insulation and cladding products for the following:

Sheet Metal Casing

Our onsite metal fabrication facility produces a variety of metal and aluminium products for all mechanical air conditioning insulation systems. Our experience sheetmetal workers are capable of fabricating, installing and removing all sheetmetal products, designed and installed to specification.

PVC Cladding

Total Insulation also supplies and installs a wide range PVC sheathing products to all applicable insulation systems. The Polyvinyl Chloride jacketing system is designed to protect all types of insulation, whilst holding its finish for its service life. Our PVC cladding installers have a wealth of experience in this area and utilise careful techniques to preserve the finish of our PVC products.

Maintenance & Repair

Total Insulation is involved in all areas of servicing and maintenance repair work. From the smallest repair works, to full fit out removal and reconstruction, and the maintenance of insulation systems under extreme temperature. In this area we have created a strong, proficient and experienced team that will always endeavor to meet the requirements and needs of our customers, whilst providing consultation and advice where necessary.

Steam pipework insulation and zincalume cladding