Total Insulation attends Fyre Training – 2024

As a leading installer of fire wrap in Australia, it is critical we continually develop and enhance our knowledge and resources to provide safe, reliable and compliant fire resistance for ductwork and buildings. As such, in 2024, our Perth division attended Fyre Training by Trafalgar Fire, our supplier of fire wrap and fire rated access panels for ductwork. The purpose of the course was to educate companies on critical components of passive fire protection works in Australia.

The course covered several topics, including the role of passive fire rating, crucial terminology, key updates from the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC), and common misconceptions. Moreover, the course provided comprehensive insights into various types of fire penetrations observed in commercial structures, accompanied by a showcase of Trafalgar’s product offerings that contribute towards fireproofing.

We benefited from Trafalgar’s demonstrations of its Fyrewrap product, which we use on duct to protect against both internal and external fire. Trafalgar detailed the product attributes, layering requirements, and install methods. They also provided information and demonstration of their fire rated access panels for use on kitchen exhaust ductwork.

The course was important to consolidate our understandings and provided a range of communication channels and resources to lean on going forward. We remain committed in contributing to Australia’s nationwide efforts to mitigate the potential harm posed by building fires and will continue to engage in such initiatives to maintain the highest standard of fire safety protection.