MURL Tunnels

Southern Program Alliance
D & E

Total Insulation played a key role in this chilled water lagging project, ensuring the safety and functionality of fire emergency chillers and pipework within the Parliament and Flagstaff tunnels. We utilised Rockwool pipework insulation throughout the tunnels to enhance fire resilience and safety measures. Additionally, Zincalume cladding was applied to exposed pipework insulation at the outdoor Flagstaff plant.

Adhering to the strict standards of the Southern Program Alliance (SPA) policy, our workers obtained Rail Industry Worker (RIW) cards, equipped with the necessary training and qualifications, enabling them to operate safely around live rails.

Navigating through the challenges of working within tunnels, meticulous planning and coordination was the key to success. Through effective communication with D & E and SPA, we orchestrated the setup of scaffolding, ensuring timely access to works. This collaborative effort was instrumental in overcoming logistical hurdles.

Despite inherit complexities, our close collaboration with D & E and SPA, coupled with effective planning, enabled us to overcome challenges and ensure punctual completion of all works within budget.

By participating in this project alongside concurrent rail insulation jobs associated with Metro Tunnels and the South Dynon Maintenance Facility, Total Insulation has gained valuable experience and is well-prepared to tackle the challenging nature of all future rail works.

Key Scope

  • 600m+ chilled water pipework rockwool insulation
  • Zincalume cladding for outdoor chiller plant